Kit de diagnóstico molecular 2019-nCoV Jan 20, 2022

El 2019-nCoV Molecular Diagnostic Kit es una sonda TaqMan en tiempo real PCR fluorescente para detectar cualitativamente el ácido nucleico de los genes ORF1ab y N de 2019-nCoV en frotis faríngeo, saliva en pacientes con síntomas de infección respiratoria y contactos estrechos.

In this kit, primers and probes of real-time fluorescent PCR technology are designed to the conserved and specific regions of the ORF1ab and N genes of 2019-nCoV, respectively. During PCR amplification, the probe binds to the template, and the 5'-end reporter group of the probe is cleaved by the Taq enzyme (5'→3' exonuclease activity), thereby moving away from the quenching group to generate a fluorescent signal. The real-time amplification curve is automatically plotted based on the detected fluorescence signal, and the sample Ct value is calculated. FAM and HEX fluorophores are labeled to ORF1ab gene and N gene probes in 2019-nCoV-PCR reaction solution. By using one test, qualitative detection of the above two genes of 2019-nCoV can be performed simultaneously.

The kit is provided with an internal control (IC), which is a human housekeeping gene fragment, and is labeled with a ROX fluorescent group.

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